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Dean Perrett -
The Shelter Of The Cross
Amber Jo Ann -
Ken Mellons -
Just What I´m Wantin´ To Do
Marty Stuart -
Nashville, Volume 1 Tear The Woodpile Down
Ryan Chrys -
A Lick And A Promise
Hallur Joensen -
With Stars & Legends
Mike LeBlanc -
Alive And Well
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst -
Brady Honeycutt
- Nothin´ To Lose
Sonny Burgess
- All About The Ride
Dale Watson -
El Rancho Azul
Jody Booth -
Heaven and Hell
Neal McCoy -
Josh Kelley -
Georgia Clay
Rene Meijer & Friends -
Dashboard Jesus
Wynn Varble -
Freak Show
Mikael Persson -
Marks & Bleeds
Jesse Taylor -
Out Here In The Country
Clint Martin -
Last Of A Dying Breed
Rod Ballou -
Where Hell Meets Highwater
Evi Tausen -
Wishing Well
The European Highwaymen -
Connie Smith -
Long Line Of Heartaches
Gary Hunn & The Wayward Angels -
Dust & Gin
Reverend Bob & Just in Time -
Barry P. Foley -
Ruby´s Cafe
Billy White Jr. -
Just Another Sad Ol´ Song
Steve Haggerty & The Wanted -
10 Years Of Rock & Country
Doug Bruce -
Made That Way
Oh My Darling -
Sweet Nostalgica
WC Edgar -
Old School Survivor
Jason McCoy -
Artie Rodriguez -
She Loves George Jones
Billy Yates -
Just Be You
Burton Jespersen -
Any Road
Marty Rivers -
Midnight Sky

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