CD Besprechungen 2014

Dean Perrett -
I´m The Land
Jeff Dane
Red Letter Band -
Common Sense
Dolly Parton -
Blue Smoke
Hallur -
Enn Stendur Hurd Min Opin
Mary Sarah -
Jacky -
Living In A Lovesong
Music Road Pilots -
When She Gets Close To Me
Kevin Fowler -
How Country Are Ya?
Sjöström & Gullö -
Made In Sweden
Artie Rodriguez -
I´ll Give You Something To Drink About
Sawyer -
Welcome To The Future
Vince Gill & Paul Franklin -
Richard Lynch -
The Last Of A Dying Breed
Bobby Wills -
If It Was That Easy
NeillyRich -
Gerald Smith -
Outstanding In My Field
Chandler Kirkhart -
The Waterhole
Chris Story -
Chapter One
Daily & Vincent -
Brothers Of The Highway

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